Swimming Pool Construction and Pool Service

We specialize in swimming pool construction in Sacramento and the vicinity. We also are the best choice for pool cleaning and pool equipment repairs in the Greater Sacramento area. There are many companies that specialize in pool construction, and there are many others that only handle pool cleaning and service. Sun-Fare Pools does both, and with a commitment to quality..

Sun-fare Pools has been serving the greater Sacramento area for over twenty years and most of our customers are still with us. The reason? We stand behind our work. We dont just design, build and walk away, we help you through the entire pool construction process and even through maintenance and day-to-day ownership.

When you are ready to make your backyard dreams come true we are here to help, more importantly, we will also be there for you after construction as well. Sun-Fare, where creativity, reliability and service are part of our mission.

CA Lic#633803 C-53

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