What you need to know

A new swimming pool is a big investment, knowing what to ask up-front is the best way to protect that investment as well as your property value. We are a quality based builder and feel that the best first step in the design process is customer education so they have a very clear picture of what they can expect during and after the pool construction. The most common inquiries are answered below, but feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Sun-Fare Pools has been in business over 25 years, and is a locally owned fully licensed and bonded pool construction and service company. Lic#633803


Q. How long does pool construction typically take?

A. Typically we can construct most pools within 30 days. The exceptions would be unforseen delays caused by weather, unusually complex designs and landscaping, delays by permitting agencies, unexpected large boulders, and granite bubbles (rare). We don’t shuffle crews like many builders so that gives us an advantage, and the result is that during the past few years our jobs have been 100% on time.


Q. How reputable is Sun-Fare?

A. We think the greatest testament to our reputation is that we have been in business for over twenty years and some  of those early customers are still with us today. That’s unheard of in this industry but we still believe in delivering quality workmanship and customer service and that has helped us maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Q. How much will a new pool cost?

A. This is probably the most popular question. But we always caution people that pool estimates, just like new cars, are not always equal in comparison. Differences in features and brands can change the prices, always make sure you compare pool construction quotes on an apples-to-apples basis. We are always happy to explain any part of our estimates. Click to contact us now

Q. What questions should I ask?

A. Builders can make their opening bids look better by reducing the amount of decking, using lesser quality equipment or “stretching” materials to get you the lower price. Make sure you compare critical aspects such as:

  • Amount of concrete quoted for total project
  • Amount of decking
  • Measurements of pool
  • Brand and model of equipment, ask why that model was selected
  • Do they plan on holding you hostage – ask how the builder releases leins, all at the end or in stages
  • Protect your home – verfiy how much workers comp and liability insurance they carry
  • Reputation – a referral is good but also check their BBB rating and business license status
  • Warranty – will they be around after your pool is done, what is covered and what isn’t
  • How long have they been in business
  • Will they guarantee the completion date
  • Do they offer lighting and landscaping
  • Do they handle permits for you
  • Do they provide service and/or repairs

Upgrades and churning are where many low-ball contractors make their money. They quote low then the price jumps when the customer is forced into upgrading to get the pool they want, when the pool is done the buiolder moves on to the next job and they are never seen again. At Sun-Fare we build it right the first time because we hope to maintain a long term relationship with the customer and we know that ensuring things run smoothly is the best way to do that. We even include a year of free chemistry service with every new pool to ensure you get off on the right foot and to prove our committment to quality building standards.

We don’t want to be the biggest pool builder, just the best.